Are you a small business dealing with IT problems? Our Managed IT Support Services is the solution for you. IT problems can lead to hundreds if not thousands of dollars in lost revenue and time. That is money and time that will not be recovered. Most small businesses depend on technology to increase productivity and keep their business operating. What do you do if you do not have an IT staff to resolve technical issues?

Triton Managed IT Support Services offers the following:

Updates for PC’s and servers

Most computers that are compromised or infected with viruses are computers that are not patched or updated on a regular basis. We will automate Windows Updates and security patches as soon as they are released. Your systems will be automatically updated after-hours to reduce the impact on your employees.

Managed commercial grade anti-virus software

All systems in our managed plan include commercial-grade anti-virus software. We have configured our anti-virus software to run silently in the background to monitor and guard against online threats. Our anti-virus software has been optimized to reduce the impact on your system’s memory and resources. Updates for virus definitions are performed in the background and automatically updated without interrupting the user.

Monitored system resources

Triton’s managed tool will monitor your system’s resources like memory, CPU usage, hard drive space, and hard drive health. These monitored metrics can be an early indicator of an issue or failing hard drive.

Reduced costs

By outsourcing your IT problems to Triton VoIP you will save money on not hiring an internal IT tech or staff. You will also save money by reducing the amount of downtime your users experience by keeping them productive with functioning hardware. Will power supplies, memory modules, and motherboards fail? Yes, but in most cases those units can be replaced quickly depending on parts inventory or availability of spare hardware.

Improved productivity and efficiency

Your staff will be more productive with functioning hardware that is operating at its peak performance free from malware, viruses, and other performance inhibitors.

Safer internet experience

Users will be protected against online threats and malicious websites that attempt to compromise your system. Do not feel safe opening an email? Forward that to our team for further analysis and we can advise you on what steps to take next. Sometimes emails can come from legitimate contacts that they themselves have been compromised. Have peace in mind in knowing that we are actively monitoring for security issues and available for further threat analysis.

Less downtime

By having your computers running more efficient and virus free, your employees will have more time to be productive.

System tune-ups and optimization

Systems that are monitored are also optimized and “tuned-up” on a weekly basis. Cookies, browsing cache, and other performance inhibitors are automatically cleared from your system.

Predictable pricing

Know exactly what your bill will be based on the amount of systems and network hardware that we monitor. We charge a flat rate per device monitored.

Fully managed hardware

We offer fully managed hardware like firewalls, network switches, and WiFi access points. We do all the security/performance monitoring and free hardware replacement if any of the monitored devices should fail.

Experienced and certified IT professionals

Our field experienced IT professionals will be there to assist you when an issue arises. Need us to consult on a new product or service that your organization is looking at? No problem! Let us handle the technical details and techie jargon. All of our IT professionals also hold HIPAA certifications and understand the security requirements for medical and dental offices.

Triton VoIP is your source for IT Support, IT Consulting, and Managed IT Services. We offer free network and security assessments. Contact us today so that we can work together on an IT management plan.