Why Partner with Triton VoIP

partnering with triton voip

Imagine you just became one of Triton VOIP’s valued customers. What happens next?

First, you would have the satisfaction of knowing you received an affordable, competitively priced service with no hidden charges, no extra fees, based solely off the number of your users.

Second, you could expect to be set up and configured within a day, oftentimes the same business day you agree to our terms of service. We send one of our technicians to identify your needs and ensure your team is properly connected through either secure cloud-hosted and/or on-premise VOIP system.

Next, we begin the most important part of our service, which is maintaining an ongoing relationship with our client. This is what separates Triton from the rest of the pack. We provide high-quality networking along with security and 24/7 support. This means from set-up to support, we’re you’re go-to resource.

If a situation arises and you need someone to speak with, call any day, any time of the day, and we’ll talk. We do not outsource support, so you’ll speak with a certified engineer based in the US (there’s even a good chance you will speak with the same technician who configured your work space). Neat, right? We think it makes sense.

As your business grows, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your many communications are encrypted to protect your privacy. Triton is a security-focused company, which means we have a proactive approach to monitoring and applying the latest firmware and security patches; settings on firewall and SBC are also adjusted to maximize phone security.

From time to time, we’ll make modifications so that all of the feature-rich functions you’ve come to rely on are tweaked to ensure maximum efficiency and ease of use. Whether it’s e-faxing, web meetings or web chat, we constantly enhance our product so that your collaborations are as meaningful and natural as possible.

So, imagine again that you decided to partner with Triton VOIP. You’d now have the most affordable, accessible and proactive leader in voice communications at your service.

That would be a good call.