Managed WiFi Solutions

Are you constantly getting disconnected from your WiFi in your office? Are you using the latest in WiFi technology? Triton VoIP can perform a free wireless assessment to identify any potential issues and provide a cost-effective solution to remedy those issues. WiFi is playing a greater role in the work environment and it is time to rethink your wireless strategy. Security and connectivity are our primary focus when it comes to managed WiFi.

Our managed WiFi provides the following:

No up-front costs

We provide the required access points all for one low monthly price. Hardware, security, and maintenance are included.

Guest Access

We will include guest access to your corporate environment that is isolated and blocked off from your operating network for an extra layer of security. Allow guests to access your WiFi network with a Facebook check-in or a secure passcode.

Maintenance and updates

We handle all the updates and maintenance for you. We apply the latest firmware and security patches. Updates are performed after-hours so that your workflow is not interrupted.

Free Replacements

If any access point fails or is destroyed by giant AP eating rats, we will replace the unit and get you back up and running ASAP.

Security and performance monitoring

Our managed platform will alert us to any performance issues in your wireless networks. We are alerted to unauthorized wireless devices and rogue access points that are attempting to share the same SSID as your wireless network.

Predictable Pricing

Know exactly what you are going to pay for every month. Nothing changes unless you add another wireless access point.